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Thanksgiving teachers day - Shanghai Yang Yi valve wish teachers happy holidays

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Respecting is Chinese tradition, as early as eleventh Century BC in the Western Zhou Dynasty, he proposed disciples things division, with respect to the father". Teachers' day aims to affirm teachers' contributions to education. In 1985, the ninth session of the Standing Committee of the Sixth National People's Congress passed the motion of the State Council on the establishment of teacher's day. The meeting decided to set September 10th as teachers' day every year. In September 10, 1985, it was the first teacher's day in china.
Stalin once said, "teachers are engineers of human souls."". No teacher taught you the rich culture. Li Shangyin China ancient poet wrote: "to death to make silk, wax torch ashes tears". This is a classic so far has been likened to a teacher, the spirit of selfless dedication.
Respecting teachers is the traditional virtue of the Chinese nation. As the Chinese nation's children, we should learn to Thanksgiving teachers. In the thirty-second teachers' day, Shanghai Yang Yi Valve Co., Ltd. wish all teachers happy holidays, wish the teachers will be healthy, work smoothly!